spColumn v7.00 (24-Month License) (English)

spColumn v7.00 (24-Month License) (English)
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Powered by the advanced and flexible graphical interfaces of the new sp2D/3DView and spSection Module, spColumn v7.00 is widely used for design and investigation of columns, shear walls, bridge piers as well as typical framing elements in buildings and other structures. Equipped with latest American (ACI 318-19) and Canadian (CSA A23.3-19) Concrete codes, spColumn v7.00 is developed to design and investigate any reinforced concrete sections subject to combined axial and flexural loads. Formerly pcaColumn, PCACOL, and IrrCOL, spColumn investigates sections that are impossible to find on design charts or to do by hand. The section can be rectangular, round or irregular, with any reinforcement layout or pattern. The program offers investigation of irregularly shaped, reinforced concrete column sections that may contain openings or boundary elements. Top selling worldwide, spColumn provides a full featured 3D visualization of the nominal and factored failure surface. Import/export of DXF files, nominal interaction diagrams, and display of capacities at your load point are just a few of the rich program features.

spColumn comes with new sp2D/3DView module. Preview the video below.

Technical Features

  • Support latest American, ACI 318-19/14/11/08/05/02 & Canadian, CSA A23.3-19/14/04/94 design codes
  • Auto Design of regular (rectangular, circular) concrete sections with/without Design Trace
  • Design/Investigation of Uniaxially (P-Mx or P-My) or biaxially (P-Mx-My) loaded columns
  • Uniaxial or biaxial flexure combined with axial load
  • Design/Investigation of Non-slender (short) columns & Slender columns in sway and non-sway frames including second order effects
  • Complete & customizable P-Mx (about X-Axis) or P-My (about Y-Axis) interaction diagrams including nominal and factored section capacity for uniaxial runs with superposition of interaction diagram from a different run
  • Factored, service, axial, and control points loading
  • spSection module for advanced flexible graphical input of irregular sections with irregular reinforcing patterns
  • spResults module for viewing and exporting input and output data
  • spReporter module for generating, viewing, exporting, and printing reports
  • sp2D/3D View module for viewing and navigating 2D diagrams and 3D surfaces
  • Imports geometry, reinforcement, and loads from text files
  • Import/Exports section from/to DXF files
  • Exports P-M diagrams, Mx-My diagrams and 3D failure surface to TXT and CSV files
  • GUI (Graphical User Interface) and batch (command prompt) mode runs
  • Reinforcement design based on either minimum number of bars or minimum reinforcement area
  • Calculates k by implementing exact formulas used in Jackson and Moreland Alignment charts
  • Reports first-order and magnified (second-order) moments for slender columns
  • Reports neutral axis location and maximum steel strain corresponding to section capacity
  • Reports strength reduction factors in text output

Program Capacity

  • Up to 10000 reinforcing bars within a section
  • Up to 10000 exterior points that define the geometric outline of the cross section
  • Up to 10,000 interior points that define an opening in the cross section
  • Up to 10000 factored load entries, each consisting of an axial load, a moment about the x-axis, and a moment about the y-axis
  • Up to 50 service load entries, each consisting of dead, live, wind and earthquake axial loads, moments at column top about the x and y axes, and moments at column bottom about the x and y axes
  • 5 load cases and up to 50 load combinations
  • Up to 16 bars in a user-defined rebar database
  • Customizable results report

General Features

  • English (in.-lb) or SI (metric) units
  • Online help
  • User-controlled screen color settings
  • Ability to save defaults and settings for future input sessions

New Features:

  1. Added support for ACI 318-19 design standard (code) in English and Metric units.
  2. Added support for CSA A23.3-19 design standard (code) in English and Metric units.
  3. Included diagrams within PDF and DOCX reports generated using command line.

spColumn 7.0

Windows Vista SP2 and Windows 7/8/10 require administrator privileges during initial installation and license activation.

Mac OS : Using a Virtual Machine running Windows with the specs mentioned above.

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